Nijmegen MSX fair 2013 registration opened

Nijmegen MSX fair 2013 registration opened

by Manuel on 17-11-2012, 21:13
Topic: Events

The organizer of the yearly Nijmegen MSX fair, Manuel, announced that registration for next year's fair has opened today. The registration form is now available on the Nijmegen MSX fair website.

If you want to have a booth on the fair, please register via the registration form. This helps the organization with their administration a lot. To make sure that the registration goes as smoothly as possible, the registration form checks for required fields and also features an anti spam measure where you have to enter MSX in the form to confirm that you're human. If you have any problems with the new registration form, please contact the organization.

If you only want to join the dinner party, just e-mail the organization. The contact information can be found on their website.

Relevant link: MSX fair Nijmegen 2013 homepage

Comments (8)

By Manuel

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19-11-2012, 21:46

I have to regret to inform you that the registration form had an issue, I haven't received *any* registrations so far... I fixed the form, so please register again.

I repeat: you need to register again!

Sorry for the inconvenience... Sad


Paladin (864)

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19-11-2012, 22:31

Registered (again), i hope that this time will be successful !

By Manuel

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19-11-2012, 23:21

It is, thanks!


Paladin (864)

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29-11-2012, 21:51

I hope a lot will register or it will be somekind of a personal meeting Wink

By TheWhipMaster

Expert (120)

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08-12-2012, 19:28

For sure I will drive there from France again ...
Raymond I hope to see you there , I could bring the 8250 to show you what it become over the last year Wink

By OeiOeiVogeltje

Paragon (1432)

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08-12-2012, 19:53

@ TheWhipmaster ill be there!
curious to see what you did to it

By Vampier

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09-12-2012, 05:56

looking forward to see pictures and maybe some movie of your hardware Smile

By Prodatron

Paragon (1843)

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09-12-2012, 18:19

Looking forward to see you again! Smile