No winners for #msxdev compo 2012

No winners for #msxdev compo 2012

by Lord_Zett on 16-02-2013, 19:06
Topic: Challenges

After we reported earlier that all votes from the #msxdev compo 2012 participants were in, it was up to the community to cast the deciding vote. Unfortunately the #msxdev compo organizers only received a single vote from somebody not affiliated with #msxdev, and this prompted the organization to decide there were not enough votes to declare a final ranking and a winner to the 2012 compo.

For the 2013 edition the judging and voting procedures will be reconsidered to avoid this situation. Also, because the € 50,- prize for the #msxdev Compo 2012 could not be awarded, it will be transfered to the #msxdev Compo 2013 prize pot. The organizers hope for more prize donations to motivate people to develop some high quality MSX software, so if you want to donate some money for the prize pot please contact them.

Relevant link: #msxdev compo website

Comments (8)

By Vampier

Prophet (2397)

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16-02-2013, 19:29

That's what you get when one of the founders of TNI forms a cabal and pisses off everyone who isn't in their 'corner'.

By AxelF

Champion (395)

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16-02-2013, 19:43

Bad idea indeed, this gives no motivation to join the #msxdev13 edition imho...
Oh well, plenty of other compo's.

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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17-02-2013, 00:33

There are?

BTW - I think the initiave for this compo was great from the beginning. Maybe some things need a bit of finetuning, that's all.

By Lord_Zett

Paladin (807)

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17-02-2013, 22:33

yep sasd that there are not a lot of votes..... i hoped pd would win ....

By Latok

msx guru (3879)

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18-02-2013, 15:22

For me, the #msxdev12 was a perfect compo and well organized. Flying Bytes definitely is going to enter the #msxdev13 compo Smile

By syn

Prophet (2098)

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18-02-2013, 16:22

what latok said Cool

By Arkhan

Champion (259)

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18-02-2013, 23:34

Vampier wrote:

That's what you get when one of the founders of TNI forms a cabal and pisses off everyone who isn't in their 'corner'.

You're just mad you got banned from the channel for being antagonistic, and you weren't allowed to vote.

By Vampier

Prophet (2397)

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18-02-2013, 23:38

Arkhan I will amuse you with a reply: adversity isn't always bad, civilized people will not ban for an opposite opinion. I easily could have voted if I was interested in voting. Even BiFi asked if the ban needed to be lifted and I told him I was not interested.

Having that said: if your entry would have been a bit more polished I would have voted your entry as the winner especially since this is your first MSX game.