Old videos of Dutch MSX events online

Old videos of Dutch MSX events online

by Manuel on 06-02-2015, 20:06
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Kier Kracht has always been a big MSX enthusiast. The Philips NMS 8280 has a very special place in his heart. When he's asked why he has so many of them, the answer is very simple: "In the eighties I couldn't afford them, but now I can".

Kier Kracht is from the Netherlands, Friesland to be exact and he was always seen carrying a video camera with him. Not many people had such a thing back in the nineties and fewer of them were MSX enthusiast like Kier is. Therefore videos of MSX fairs in the heydays of the nineties are simply scarce.
Kier once shared his videos with colleague community MSX-Posse who recently published them on their freshly created Youtube channel.

This is great news for everybody. Dutchies can try to find themselves as kids, try and spot some celebs and relive the nostalgia. The people from anywhere else can have a look at how the big Dutch fairs were.
Without further ado, here's the relevant link.

Relevant link: Kier Kracht's MSX fair videos

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By Manuel

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06-02-2015, 22:44

Hey, I didn't write all of this....! Good story though.

By Meits

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07-02-2015, 00:25

You just pasted little more than a link with Kier's name Wink
That wasn't enough Smile

By Grauw

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07-02-2015, 00:41

I used to tag along with my father to the Zandvoort, Tilburg and Oss fairs… Tried to spot myself or my dad in the Zandvoort 1991 video but no luck… I was 9 then, I guess maybe the first fair I visited was in 1992 or 1993.

By Latok

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07-02-2015, 07:59

I was there. I remember it vividly.... The No Fuss sale, Impact booth and that blonde babe behind the BCF booth.... Amazing to see all this again...

By ray2day

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07-02-2015, 14:11


By fernando.collazo.5682

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09-02-2015, 04:17

very nice. In 90 Dutch scene was very important to MSX world.

By o.geerdink

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09-02-2015, 14:06

I was behind unicorn one year in Zandvoort and the next year with Tyfoon or it might have been Tilburg. With Tyfoon it was the midi file replayer 'total replay' and we sold a couple of them on the fair. In a later fair I sold my Windows api disk (msx windows) at my own stand, but those days are blurry started smoking the green stuff around then. I also was in a fair I think in Bussum with TNI in front of me they played horrible house music so I countered with (non MSX) death metal Bolthrower. Must have been '92 or something oO

By Meits

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09-02-2015, 18:13

Bussum 1992?

By Grauw

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09-02-2015, 19:07

First MSX fair Bussum was in 1999 so probably something else… :)

By tfh

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13-02-2015, 11:16

Damn.. I still had some hair back then Smile Smile Just watched the video of Zandvoort '91 and saw myself around 05:00 Smile Smile