One Chip MSX casemod

One Chip MSX casemod

by Jorito on 10-03-2013, 15:50
Topic: Hardware
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Source: Konamito

The blue casing of the One Chip MSX, while functional, is also a bit boring. That prompted Korean MSX user painkilla to try and do something about it. So he started working on a casemod for his OCM. The result is a beautiful black device with new power and reset buttons with leds in them and a metallic MSX logo on it. In his blog you can see photos of the casemod in more detail. There has also been a previous OCM casemod by painkillah, with detailed pictures of its construction and a video.

Relevant link: painkilla's blog

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By Allik_niap

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10-03-2013, 18:15

Actually frogboy73( did all the works and all.

He designed and produced the black acrylic case

and this painkilla guy just added a bit of advice and that metallic LOGO sticker thingy.

Anyhow, this case is beautiful dark enchantment...

By poke-1,170

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16-03-2013, 20:04

agreed, stylish and classy mod !

By syn

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20-03-2013, 15:42

I thought it was a custom case, not a case mod.

Also the pcb is custom made, not an "original" ESE3