openMSX 19.1 released

by ro on 03-09-2023, 13:56
Topic: Emulation
Tags: emulator, openMSX

The delicious, fast, accurate, open source, and highly praised MSX emulator openMSX iterated to version 19.1 for everyone to enjoy. openMSX 19.1- dubbed Reflection - is mostly a bug fix release for openMSX 19.0. The list of changes is therefore pretty short.

Fixes for these issues:

  • Broken LaserDisc support (OGV file format wasn't recognized)
  • (Potential) crash when using two V9990 devices in one machine
  • Saving of callback settings like invalid_psg_directions_callback
  • Outdated C-BIOS README file

As a bonus two other noteworthy changes were made:

  • Added Hitachi MPF-310H floppy disk drive + interface extension (thanks to Peter Hanraets and Arjen Zeilemaker)
  • Added proper mirroring of Konami mapper types in areas 0-3FFFH and C000H-FFFFH

Please note that this will be the last openMSX release that supports systems without OpenGL 2 or higher. There is no new Catapult released, as it has no changes. This new version is free for download on the official openMSX web site, available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

If you want to give feedback to the team, check the openMSX dedicated forum space right here on MRC.

Relevant link: the openMSX official web site

Comments (7)

By KdL

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04-09-2023, 15:29

Running Naked in a Field of Flowers Running Naked in a Field of Flowers Running Naked in a Field of Flowers 1st!!!

By hbarcellos

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07-09-2023, 13:17

Interesting choice of qualities to describe it! Wondering what a non-delicious emulator looks like! Smile
Congratz guys! OpenMSX is always quoted in my eternal FPGA discussions:


OpenMSX, well configured, in a fast modern machine, would easily beat FPGAs implementations even for accuracy & response time. Doubt that even the most trained specialist could distinguish them in a blind test

By hap

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10-09-2023, 13:31

Hmm, just probe the cartridge slot pins to distinguish between software emulator vs FPGA.
Or do FPGA MSXes still fake the cartridge by 'dumping' the rom at power-on?

By Samor

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15-09-2023, 18:49

Did they ever? They are not "game readers". for tricking people into not distinguishing real from fpga or emulation, if you use the same display/speakers while not showing what hardware is connected it might work.

By KdL

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15-09-2023, 23:19

Comparing FGPAs, in the OCM-PLD firmware (now MSX++), the external bus is read as in a real MSX. It would not make sense to grab a ROM from the external slot at startup, wasting time. With a little clinical eye, one only has to look at the sources to realize this. Whenever a high impedance is assigned in the VHDL/Verilog language, such as SIGNAL <='Z', the FPGA stops communicating with the internal circuits and external signals come into play.

The FPGA is not like software, if you make a mistake in programming you can damage the external cartridges, just like what happens in real MSXs in unexpected cases or simply during hot-(un)pluging of the cartridges. Currently, electrical fault simulation does not occur with openMSX, making it incomplete. Of course, if the author wishes, he can easily simulate this by specifying that the machine accidentally broke while hot-(un)plugging a ROM (not always but randomly) or recreate much more accurate situations, such as common issues of real MSX. While for some users this might seem superfluous, for others it would be a natural increase in the precision of this fantastic emulator! Wink

By Samor

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16-09-2023, 17:19

I think openmsx already does a good job telling us when software is uning unsafe settings.

Still, would be kind of nice if it emulated that too. Virtually breaking machines sounds like a fun thing to do Wink

By KdL

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17-09-2023, 11:48

It could be useful for teaching not to perform certain actions on real machines or FPGA systems. That way the inexperienced user could avoid the damage.