openMSX for Android progress

openMSX for Android progress

by Alex on 14-11-2012, 19:45
Topic: Emulation
Tags: Android, openMSX

This past weekend, openMSX developer alex managed to get openMSX running on Android. OpenMSX for Android is a project that was announced on October 21st, a bit over 3 weeks ago, when alex received his new Android phone. Currently he has a first version working emulator and virtual keyboard/joystick. The emulator is just an early alpha, but it's already very impressive given the short time spam. You can see a video of openMSX on Android in action, running Metal Gear with CBIOS.

The next steps are doing some clean up of the code and automating a few steps in the build process. After that the code changes can be committed to the openMSX repository, and if everything is in good shape an APK package will be uploaded to Google Play. The time frame for this is unknown, but given the progress so far it shouldn't take too long.

You can follow alex's progress and the difficulties to get to the current version on his blog.

Relevant link: OpenMSX for Android