Children Of the Night pre-orders second batch

Children Of the Night pre-orders second batch

by MICROMANCERS on 13-06-2018, 14:19
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Given the high success of Children of the Night, which was completely sold out in a record time, MICROMANCERS is now planning a second batch for those users who couldn't buy the game. That second batch could be ready by the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.

In order to keep the same quality and price of the first batch, a minimum number of units has to be manufactured. So, MICROMANCERS has opened a pre-order period that will end by June 30th.

People interested in pre-ordering the game can write an e-mail to stating their full name and how many Children of the Night they want to pre-order.

People who already sent MICROMANCERS an e-mail to pre-order the game don't have to send them another mail. They are already in the waiting list.

If there is a sufficient number of pre-orders, MICROMANCERS will contact, from July 1st onward, all the users who made the pre-orders asking for confirmation and providing more information about the second batch.

Additional information about the game, including pictures and videos as well as packaging and pricing information, is available at

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By max_iwamoto

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19-06-2018, 08:50

I got this email today:

email address = {mod: anonymized e-mail address}

Sorry if I upset you... or if you feel something uncomfortable...
I have seen in the mrx that you have the Children of the Night.
I do not know if it would be possible to "dump it" to "preserve it".
It's really hard to find... Almost "impossible"... Very very dificult...
Only under previous reservation and we will see if there is a new lot.
I reiterate my apologies for the "annoyance"...
Thank you very much in advance.
{mod: anonymized name of undersigned}


I think 2nd batch needs to be released soon or somebody will dump it.


PS: Very nice game, I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks again.

By wyrdwad

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19-06-2018, 10:43

I got that same email. I think this person is just so desperate to play the game, he's emailing everyone who posted about it trying to get a rom dump.

Ain't gonna happen, though. Not from me. Wink


By Grauw

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19-06-2018, 12:33

Well, I hope people are preordering because I need this second batch to happen Smile.

By Gabbiani

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19-06-2018, 14:48

If I have correctly understood this thread in the Spanish forum, this guy already sent several mails to Spanish users:

According to that thread, the guy asking for a pirated Children of the Night is an MRC user: panzer

By Grauw

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19-06-2018, 14:54

Gabbiani: his name was redacted by mods above to prevent a witchhunt, so why are you posting it again?

By Gabbiani

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19-06-2018, 15:11

@Grauw: His e-mail and his actual name were removed, and I am not posting them (neither I know them). The user is panzer and it has already been reported in the Spanish forum.

By DrWh0

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20-06-2018, 11:16

He is so desperate because he doesn´t have a real MSX only a Raspberry Pi and Hikaru Games does not sell digital version of the game.

The main issue here is he is trying to cheat people saying "there is no way to have a copy of the game" and he wants "preserve it" obviously is a big lie that offend not only to original authors also the real videogames preservers (archivers if you want to call it so) and above all a game that is currently being sold.

I am bored of people that wants everything free for selfish reasons and try to confuse piracy with preservation.

By syn

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20-06-2018, 12:57

preserve stuff that has not even been out a year... lol


By selios2000

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23-06-2018, 22:55

There will be always strage people around us.

By japanretroCT

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26-06-2018, 00:26

Piracy killed many software houses but still in 2018 there are people that dont give value to other people work and want all for free...

By Grauw

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26-06-2018, 09:20

Meanwhile, pre-orders close on June 30th, so make haste if you want a copy!

By Pencioner

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26-06-2018, 10:47

I preordered one week ago even though i think i will not have time to play the game for a long while Smile


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29-06-2018, 11:47

This is a friendly reminder that the pre-order period for Children of the Night ends tomorrow (June 30th).

If you are interested in purchasing Children of the Night for MSX from the second batch, please let us know before July 1st by sending an e-mail to contact at

Additional information will be provided by e-mail to the MSX users who pre-ordered the game from July 1st onward.


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06-07-2018, 07:48

The second batch of Children of the Night for MSX is confirmed. We (MICROMANCERS) have contacted all the MSX users who pre-ordered the game. If you have not done it yet, please check the mail you used to contact us and confirm your data by replying our mail.


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29-08-2018, 14:22

The Second Coming of Lord Drakul is near. His minions are working hard on the second batch of Children of the Night for MSX. Shipments will begin very soon. If you made a reservation, check your inbox, for you may have an e-mail or receive it in the following weeks.

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