Meteor-M are working on an MSX compatible arcade board with dual HDMI that can be used stand-alone, as extension for MSX (resulting in 720p output) and for Industrial or embedded robotics applications with MSX as its time proven core. The system is assembled on an inexpensive 13x10cm two layer PCB with the following specifications.

  • Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA XC6SLX9 with 64KBytes of embedded block RAM, 16 DSP slices and more than 11K Flip-Flops available
  • 64MBytes SDRAM @ 160MHz
  • 2xHDMI ports – either 2xOUT or IN+OUT configuration
  • AC97 stereo codec with analog Line In/Out+Heaphones
  • TOSLINK (optical SPDIF) output
  • RTC & replaceable LI battery
  • SD CARD interface
  • USB port for HOST connectivity
  • 128KBytes NVRAM
  • 4MBytes FLASH for configuration and user defined purposes
  • Two PS/2 ports with MIDI I/O switchover
  • 100 MHz clock distribution system
  • External 5V power adapter connector
  • Parallel high speed mezzanine connectors 29 I/O + 9 inputs
  • Fast I2C bus for the extensions purposes
  • MSX slot connector

The device is already being discussed extensively in this forum topic where the developers post frequent progress reports. In this video you can see the board in action, emulating MSX1 screen modes without sprites. Support for mode 1 sprites has recently been added. The project aims to support V9938/58, MSX-MUSIC, MSX-Audio, SCC, memory mapper, RTC and harddisk functionality.

According to Meteor-M the device can be used as independent self-contained FPGA based System On a Chip with enhanced multimedia capabilities, an add-on audio-visual and storage controller or a stacked-up distributed computing system. Boards can run either solely or in a stack together with identical boards. Extending an MSX1 to MSX2+ compatibility is also one of the possibilities.

Relevant link: Procyon Arcade Board website

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  • Procyon Arcade Board - dual HDMI MSX cartridge/arcade board
  • Procyon Arcade Board - dual HDMI MSX cartridge/arcade board

Comments (4)

By meits

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03-08-2014, 14:48

Looks seriously great... And seeing the video clips and pictures of the device makes it promising...
Very interesting development...

By _ThEcRoW

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05-08-2014, 16:00

The possibility to upgrade a msx to 2+ is really interesting...

By Guts

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07-08-2014, 20:38

This is really great, a great all in one cart Wink

By Lord_Zett

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09-08-2014, 16:56

nice small. i like it a lot. small lcd and accu and eyboard and finaly a portable msx.!.