Relearning MSX part 36 to 43

Relearning MSX part 36 to 43

by snout on 22-05-2016, 22:14
Topic: Development

Since we last reported about it, Japan-based Javi Lavandeira has steadily been expanding his relearning MSX series. The following episodes exploring and explaining MSX-C are now publically available:

On facebook, Javi has already announced that after tutoring MSX-C he will dive into the world of MSX sound and graphics. When his next episode of relearning MSX will become available is unknown, but patrons that support his Patreon will gain access to his articles one week prior to everybody else.

Relevant link: Relearning MSX by Javi Lavandeira

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By KdL

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23-05-2016, 00:21

like +1 Big smile

By sergarbes

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21-06-2019, 12:04

Awesome work Javi!