RoboSID updated - play SID on MSX

RoboSID updated - play SID on MSX

by ro on 23-07-2016, 19:56
Topic: Software

Robosoft has updated their SID player for MSX. With RoboSID 1.5 it is possible to play SID music files on OPL4 and Playsoniq. SID is the music chip used in the famous Commodore 64 computer.

RoboSID 1.5 can be found in our ever growing downloads database.

As an additional bonus Robosoft created an .iso image containing all their players (RoboMIDI, RoboAMAD, RoboAY and RoboSID), together with a big collection of music. You can find it here. Just unzip, burn or mount the image, go to the driveletter and root directory of the image and type 'go'. Select a song, press enter and enjoy.

Relevant link: RoboSID download

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By edoz

Prophet (2473)

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25-07-2016, 15:41

Wow thanks for this nice collections of music and player! Lets get the Playsoniq and try this! Thanks!