RuMSX v0.80 released

RuMSX v0.80 released

by Manuel on 13-09-2015, 15:43
Topic: Emulation

RuMSX, one of the first MSX emulators for Windows, has been updated from version 0.41 from 7 years ago to 0.80. RuMSX is a multilingual emulation of MSX, MSX 2, MSX 2+ and MSX Turbo-R homecomputers.

One of the new major-features is the MSX-Host interface. This MSX-Host interface allows communication of MSX programs with the MSX emulations. The MSX-Host ROM uses this interface to capture the original keyboard-input without translating it to an MSX layout. It can be used from MSX-Basic, MSX-DOS and programs that do not implement their own keyboard-routines. Documentation and sources are available for download from the website.

Full changelog:

  • Time synchronization did not work properly (only with option "Use multimedia timer" selected, but switched to fastest speed after several minutes depending on the used hardware).
  • Saving SRAM often failed if "My MSX" folder was not configured. To fix this issue the new SRAM location is now moved to "%APPDATA%\Lex Lechz\RuMSX\SRAM". Already existing SRAM is not preserved and must be copied manually.
  • Updated to C-BIOS 0.27, including configuration-fixes that prevented the display of the C-BIOS MSX logo.
  • When loading corrupted/truncated save-state files displayed error-messages were not always correct.
  • RuMSX crashed when saving "Base MSX" memory-state (in fact always, when RAM did not start in page 0).
  • Restoring an MSX1 save-state toggled to 60Hz (NTSC) video-frequency, which resulted in too fast execution.
  • Added support for 3rd cartridge-slot (previously only up to 2 could be used).
  • Added MSX-HOST interface 1.0 (supporting Windows keyboard)
  • see "Interface-ROM for the host operating-system" in Help for more information. Additional files:
  • ROM\MSX-host.rom (source: MSX-host.asm)
  • DSK\MSX-host demo.dsk
  • Improvements in Help-Documentation.
  • added "MSXtra" ROM-type (incl. ROM-database entry) and "MSX-Host Interface" ROM-type.
  • added KMARESCC.ROM to ROM-database and fixed autodetect.
  • Minor updates: enabled DataExecutionPrevention (on XP/SP3, Vista/SP1, Win7, 8.x, 10) for MSX.exe and SETUP.exe.
  • Failed switch to FullScreen mode resulted in permanent loss of the toolbar (until restart of RuMSX).
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the BIOS MainROM documentation of the character-set information (thanks to Ruijter, RJ de).
  • Configuration->Memory Add/Edit incorrectly recognized expanded slots (other corrupted data was also possible).
  • Improved debug-information for tape-operations.
  • Added experimental lightpen support (and documentation) Sanyo Lightpen Interface ROM does not work yet, where MSX2 BIOS Lightpen support does.
  • Windows PAUSE key now also corresponds to MSX STOP key.
  • Windowed mode: press SHIFT during resize to keep aspect-ratio, press SHIFT+CTRL during resize to adjust aspect-ratio to PAL.
  • Installer: completed list of RuMSX file-associations, that are available in "Default Programs".

Relevant link: RuMSX homepage

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14-09-2015, 18:11

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14-09-2015, 18:47

fixed. thx!

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Cool, i really like this emulator due to its simplicity Cool