SCC damage poll down, YouTube poll up

SCC damage poll down, YouTube poll up

by snout on 27-09-2013, 18:29
Topic: MRC

About two months ago we launched a poll and asked whether or not anyone had ever actually damaged an MSX computer by inserting a cartridge while the computer was turned on - a common practice for using the SCC sound chips in scene releases and pirated software. After 100 votes, the results of this poll are as follows:

  1. No, though I've inserted plenty after the beep (53%)
  2. No, always used a switch or slotexpander (29%)
  3. Yes (18%)

Based on these results it is clear that insertion of a cartridge while the MSX does not automatically cause harm to your computer, but given the price of switches and slotexpanders there certainly is no need to take silly risks with precious MSX computers. Safety first, people!

Our next poll is related to this forum topic in which several people complain about the amount of spam/malware found in recent YouTube videos that claim to be about MSX. On our frontpage there is a 'most recent MSX videos on YouTube' block that frequently shows links to these annoying and potentially dangerous videos or to videos about the Honda MSX motorbike. So what we would like to know is... what should we do with our frontpage YouTube block? Happy voting!

Relevant link: SCC Damage poll - results

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