It's always good to see some love for the soundtracks of the games we know and love. Snatcher is no exception, with the soundtrack of Kojima's masterpiece. The people of OverClocked ReMiX (OCR) agreed and posted a remix of "Biohazard", the intro of Snatcher, in their words 'on an obscure system'.

Made by HeavyViper, a newcomer to OCR, "Acoustic Jam at the Lucifer-Alpha" has this nice vibe of a hazy quiet bar, even a film noir kind of atmosphere. Even though it sticks pretty close to the original track, it's still very enjoyable and an interesting take on the source.

Relevant link: Snatcher: Acoustic Jam at the Lucifer-Alpha

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By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1782)

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25-07-2016, 15:15

Interesting track for sure! I only feel sad that I'm not the one who debuted at OCR with a Snatcher track. Can't have it all I guess, so I think I'll just go remix other MSX songs Smile

By edoz

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25-07-2016, 15:31

It's indeed very intresting! Sounds very nice!!

By Louthrax

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26-07-2016, 02:13

Fuckin' A remix ! (just too bad the "download MP3" link does not work).

By TheKid

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26-07-2016, 07:33

@HyperViper: Nice work, sounds very good.
@Louthrax: ?? Just downloaded it, link is okay..

By Louthrax

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26-07-2016, 12:21

TheKid wrote:

@Louthrax: ?? Just downloaded it, link is okay..

Yes, it works now !