SpriteSX devtool v0.9.3b

SpriteSX devtool v0.9.3b

by snout on 11-08-2014, 23:00
Topic: Development

Source: aOrante's blog

Earlier this year, aOrante released the first public version of SpriteSX ED, with rudimentary features for sprite editing, project management and code generation to assembly, C or BASIC.

A new version of the tool has since been released, renamed to SpriteSX devtool, in line with other Aorante cross development tools such as MSXtiles devtool. This new release allows improved organization for data within projects by offering the possibility to add data about the author name, group and a description as well as logging the initial creation date and last changed date for individual sprites.

Furthermore, support for importing and exporting SC2 files has been implemented, as well as internal preparations for supporting more file formats in the future.

Relevant link: SpriteSX devtool v0.9.3b

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By Grauw

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12-08-2014, 01:59

aOrante has a really nice blog… I also enjoyed reading the PSGed one. Worth firing up google translate :).

By KdL

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13-08-2014, 23:02

it is unusable when the windows fonts are at 125% or more... please, fix it! Wink

By G_G

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07-04-2015, 22:41

I've just started using this. Pretty straightforward to use and it means I no longer have to convert my hand drawn graphics on graph paper into hex. Smile