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by Alexey on 20-05-2016, 19:24
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Alexey has just released version 3 of the Caslink project. Some of you probably know the Caslink project already, but if you don't: the main goal of CasLink is to allow loading programs and games into MSX computers from different audio devices. Basically it simulates the cassette recorder interface, and it's created primarily for MSX users who don't have floppy disk drives in their MSX computers.

Caslink has been developed since 1999 and now, when it's quite easy to buy a floppy/IDE controller or even a flash cartridge for your MSX, Alexey feels his project's value has diminished. However, he's still trying to develop this project for those people who are nerdy enough to load software into their MSXs from the mobile phones or MP3 players.

Here are the new features for version 3:

  • The /r option has been introduced - it allows to select the option to reset a computer after loading a ROM image. If some game does not work with /e option, it may work with /r option
  • The ROM loading routines have been improved to handle files starting from various tricky addresses
  • It is now possible to load 49kb ROM images into MSX. Such ROMs are divided into 3 parts and are loaded from address 0000h. Some of these ROMs only work with /r option, some - only with /e option
  • File format recognition routines have been improved, a simple check for mapper presence in ROM files larger that 32kb has been added
  • Now it's possible to encode up to 20 files into a single WAV/MP3 file - this was done for games with large amount of files
  • The single BIN file and multi-file loaders have been significantly improved. Now action is taken to avoid corruption during moving of the loaded binary code to its destination
  • The 24kb BIN files are now loaded correctly. The BIN loaders' code has been moved from 9000h to 8200h to save space and allow a 24kb file to be fully loaded into available RAM
  • The small ROMs starting from 0000h and above 8000h can now survive the reset - the "AB" signature and the ROM's start address are placed at 4000h

More info and files can be found on the Caslink website. You can also discuss Caslink with the creator in our forum topic.

Relevant link: Caslink3 Project website

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By Alexey

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18-09-2016, 03:03

Just added a small Python utility to convert binary loaders into hex arrays for the caslink.h file. Check the readme.txt file on how to use it.

By Alexey

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05-03-2018, 15:33

The v3.1 is out. Corrections included proper headers for 2400 baud files and more accurate maximum upload speed rate - it was reduced to 3000 baud.

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