The MSXALL List is now active on Google Groups

by MSX-ALL on 05-11-2019, 00:51
Topic: MSX Related

For those who are unfamiliar with the MSXALL List, since 2000 it has been always active in the MSX scene in Brazil. Many important projects either begun or have been completed through our message board, and hundreds of users have been using the list to exchange information, find help and read about what is happening in the MSX Universe.

Among other ways to support the MSX Community, we (the MSXALL Team) have been offering entirely free high-quality hosting for MSX related websites for decades now, including Konamito's sites (, and, Luciano Sturaro's famous and the, among many other. Feel free to reach back to us if you need full featured hosting for your MSX site or project (

About the List, with Yahoo Groups abandonment, the MSXALL List changed its address to Google Groups. It can now be accessed at!forum/msxall.

As it is usual for us who have been living through the changes of the MSX World for so many decades, bumps along the way are challenges that motivate us to reinvent ourselves. We are resilient and the MSXALL List is taking this opportunity to regain its activity and continue participating in the MSX scene.

We already backup the over 21 thousand messages from the old List and we have it converted into MySQL Databases. Soon enough we will be publishing those historical files online and the content of the discussions will be preserved, accessible to everyone.

In the spirit of collaboration, we'd like to invite our friends from MRC to sign up, participate and collaborate with the List. The discussions and themes will be open to the Web, but postings will be restricted to subscribers only (of course). The primary language is the Brazilian Portuguese, but messages in English and Spanish (and other languages) are also welcome. Google Groups offers on-the-spot translation tools that work like a charm, making the List a great place for everyone to gather and exchange information, despite the idiom.

Feel free to join and participate. Spread the word. Thank you for your support.

Julio Marchi
The MSXALL Team Coordinator
Twitter: @msxall