OneChipMsx OCM-PLD Pack v3.5

OneChipMsx OCM-PLD Pack v3.5

by ro on 12-10-2017, 11:20
Topic: Development

MRC user KDL is a bussy bee; just a few weeks ago we reported about OCM-PLD Pack 3.4 and now 3.5 has been released.

Here's the change log:

  • Updated Switched I/O ports ($40-$4F) module to Revision 6: added Slot-0 Primary Mode signal to the smart commands, useful to disable FM-BIOS or to run some old games.
  • Updated DIP-SW User Manual in the [docs\] folder.
  • Updated some scripts to compile and collect firmware.
  • New ESE-MegaSCC+ 1024kB for the Slot-1, shared with the 2nd half of ESE-MegaSCC+ Slot-2.
  • New ESE-MegaSCC+ 2048kB for the Slot-2, tested with the beta version of Super Mario World.
  • New '' with 16 Mbits ROM support in the [msxtools\mglocm\] folder.
  • Improved Slot3-3 allocation, BASIC'n and IPL-ROM are shared now and Slot0-1 is free to use any novelties.

Notes, warnings and known issues:

  • Nextor kernel for OCM is unable to flash the PLD firmware using '' and the machine can be BRICKED!! The last '' v1.5 automatically detects Unsupported Kernels, pay close attention to this.
  • The timings of VDP TH9958 are too fast: the intros of Fray and Space Manbow confirm the issue. Hint! The most of Microcabin games can run better with the '' tool.
  • The 'Break' command of ESE-PS2 module do not work during the hard reset or if you unplug the keyboard at warm.
  • Sometimes the SD-Card is not detected after a hard reset but you can re-insert it on the fly to solve.
  • The current version of MSX turbo-R BIOS can be started with Internal Mapper 4096 kB only using Nextor kernel.

now, go update your machine.
relevant link: Download at KdL Index

Comments (9)

By KdL

Paladin (1024)

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12-10-2017, 15:58

Always thanks ro!

By Sebbeug

Master (144)

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12-10-2017, 19:24

As said on twitter : A very very nice release !

Now, you can play Pointless Fighting, Aleste 2, Super Mario World, etc.
With MgLunch! from ToughKidCST we are close to perfection Smile

Thx a lot !

By mfeingol

Master (243)

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13-10-2017, 07:52

I just ran the Aleste 2 ROM on my Zemmix Neo. Totally awesome.

By bakoulis

Master (165)

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13-10-2017, 13:42

Can anybody update the MiST core of MSX with the 3.5 version?
The last update has done 10 month ago:
MSX core for MiST

By -Neo-

Champion (339)

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14-10-2017, 00:32

i am currently running Nextor. As pldload does not work, how can I best move to this version?

By KdL

Paladin (1024)

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14-10-2017, 18:28

Hi -Neo-, you can update the new firmware using the MEGASDHC kernel only: this is just one of the reasons I did not want to integrate Nextor into SRAM of EPCS4. I suggest you to do these simple steps:

Power Off > Remove the SD-CARD > Power On > Wait the logo and insert the SD-CARD > Run PLDFLASH (these steps are also valid for applying RTCSAVE to the NEXTOR SDBIOS).

All the MEGASCSI/SD/SDHC tools, like PLDLOAD.COM, PLDFLASH.COM, RTCSAVE.COM, EP.COM and ESET.COM, are NOT intended for Nextor kernel and need to be rewritten for it. Anyway Nextor kernel is not really required for the OCM because OKEI has patched the MEGASDHC BIOS with some parts of Nextor code. Unfortunately the Nextor tools are not supported by the current MEGASDHC BIOS and I think not convenient to co-exist the two kernels at same time.

PS: I recommend you keep a USB BLASTER cable at your fingertips. Wink

By -Neo-

Champion (339)

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15-10-2017, 21:11

Ok. Thanks a lot for the clear instructions. I indeed have a USB BLASTER cable available luckily Wink

By AxelStone

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16-10-2017, 08:24

Really a great release, big roms loads perfectly!

By spl

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16-10-2017, 11:46

bakoulis wrote:

Can anybody update the MiST core of MSX with the 3.5 version?
The last update has done 10 month ago:
MSX core for MiST

As far as I know, MiST 1chipMSX code is based in Caro's work on Altera DE0-DE1. But yes, hope somebody will update the MiST MSX core :)

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