TYME pre-party!

TYME pre-party!

by Latok on 10-11-2013, 15:35
Topic: Events

With only two weeks to go we want to welcome you to the TYME pre-party which will start #78 minutes before TYME, at 5pm. At this hour the open podium will start.

Next to nostalgic MSX chitchat there will be a nice demonstration on openMSX by openMSX crew member Manuel. He intends to focus on the lesser known features of this MSX emulator, like laserdisc, OSD menu, channel recording, TAS mode and how to record videos.

Then there is Alexey Podrezov, author of Caslink, the program that allows to convert ROM images into audio files. He is also working on an MSX-to-LCD monitor converter which is much cheaper than commercially available scan doubles. At the TYME pre-party he will give a small presentation on his Caslink project.

As you can see the TYME pre-party particularly focusses on MSX specific technical information, where TYME itself is more a party event with art performances, an MSX quiz and lots of beer. If you would like to use the open podium and share a thought at the TYME pre-party, you are more than welcome to do so. Please let us know what you'd like to show through the registration form or the contact form.

See you all in two weeks!

Relevant link: TYME

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By Vampier

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12-11-2013, 18:26

If someone can bring a laptop and start a Google hangout (or similar) people outside The Netherlands can participate too Smile

By turbor

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19-11-2013, 14:39

Any plans on recording it all, both the presentations and the main event ? Having it all on YouTube afterwards would be nice for all the people who can't attend...

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1803)

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19-11-2013, 16:05

Yeah, the event will be filmed and placed online for you all to enjoy. But of course it won't be as cool as being there in person Smile

By wolf_

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19-11-2013, 21:39

Ahwell, for those who can't/won't be there: the event is basically a banana, but then:
- not being yellow
- not being fruit
- making sound
- being a gathering

Get it? ^_^

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1803)

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19-11-2013, 22:23

No, that's not correct. For the people that won't be at the event, it's more like peanut butter:

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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20-11-2013, 12:33

You know, that actually exists. Smile

But apart from the cute joke, it's not particularly good peanut butter. Not recommended.

By snout

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20-11-2013, 13:02

Indeed, the performances on TYME will be filmed and published online after the event. We have received permission from Konami, Microcabin and Falcom to do so -- just to make sure the recordings won't have to be removed afterwards.

Still, nothing beats being there yourself, right? Looking forward to Saturday!