TYME - Roundup of video footage

TYME - Roundup of video footage

by snout on 26-11-2013, 16:11
Topic: Events

Three days ago, we celebrated 30 years of MSX on an event called TYME, short for Thirty Years MSX Event. Headliners of this event were Carola Cortenbach and West Side Trio, supported by visuals of Zanne.

While we are still working on our photoshoot and video montage, we would not like to keep you from some other video footage that already has appeared online. So without further ado, a list of links we're sure you will appreciate.

Please make sure to check back on msx.org for the upcoming photoshoot & video montage!

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By snout

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26-11-2013, 17:32

For the photo shoot I could use some extra material. If you think you made some nice shots, feel free to mail/wetransfer them to snout@msx.org.

As for the video montage, we could do with some more footage of West Side Trio, particularly their last song (DS6). Please shout if you have something interesting.

By hap

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26-11-2013, 20:36

great performances! =)

By ren

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27-11-2013, 14:11

On a related tip - the Penguin Adventure 'Under Water' stage remake by David Mathews (also) captures the emotion quite well I think.. :-) http://youtu.be/A0JAwWf37a4

By ray2day

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12-12-2013, 20:47

Any photo's of TYME available yet?

By snout

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12-12-2013, 23:36

Sorry to keep you waiting, hope to receive a nice batch of TYME photo's next week and then I can finally compile the photoshoot.