VAJ Lehenak offers audio fix upgrade for MSX turbo R

by Ivan on 12-12-2020, 20:12
Topic: Hardware

VAJ Lehenak is now offering, as part of their portfolio of MSX hardware repair and upgrade services, the audio fix for MSX turbo R computers.

This sound fix was originally reported by sd_snatcher some time ago and even a newspost about it was published here on the MRC. The audio fix enhances drastically the sound quality of Panasonic FS-A1ST and FS-A1GT MSX turbo R computers, recalibrating the audio circuit for maximum performance.

Do you want to enjoy again your favourite games on your MSX turbo R rediscovering their original sound track? Need a new realiable internal beltless floppy diskdrive for your MSX turbo R? Want to upgrade your FS-A1ST to 512kB of RAM? Would you like your MSX turbo R to be equipped with 192kB of VRAM to use the extra VRAM with software like Xelasoft's Fastcopy? Need an internal 220-240V power supply unit for your turbo R to avoid the hassle of using external 100V step-down converters? Just contact VAJ Lehenak!

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