Westen House Ex 2nd batch

by Ramon Ribas Cas... on 15-09-2023, 17:01
Topic: Software

This is a call to everyone still interested in getting Westen House Ex.

The plan is to make another batch, equal (as much as possible) in features and quality as the previous one with the agreement and approval from the author, Santiago Ontañón. The release date is expected to be around MSXGoto40, on December the 9th.

However, there's a pitfall: the expenses of the hardcover box with magnetic seal, which are too expensive in case of purchasing less than 100 units. Alternatives, if not reaching the 100 reserved units, are either paying more for it, around 40 €/u, or changing to a plastic Megadrive box, with a sleeve while lowering the price to 30 €/u.

A term of fifteen days to receive reserves is opened. Depending on the number of reserves and your comments, a decision will be made. Make your reserves (name and surname, no nicks please, email, country, and preferred way of payment) and tell also your preferences to this e-mail. No money is asked at the moment. Do not make any reservation here.

Thanks in advance.

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By Ramon Ribas Casasayas

Resident (50)

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21-09-2023, 00:22

34 units reserved already!
Wanna join!

By Bengalack

Paladin (801)

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21-09-2023, 07:54

Join in peeps! I did Smile