Xak 2 and Illusion City covers by Meits

Xak 2 and Illusion City covers by Meits

by Jorito on 01-05-2013, 21:05
Topic: Music

Our webmaster Meits not only spends time on writing news for MRC, but he also likes to compose and arrange MSX songs. His last work consisted out of three Solid Snake tracks, inspired by J-War's full soundtrack remake of Solid Snake. Of course that was already half a year ago, enough time to get the creative juices flowing for some new work.

This time Meits treats us to covers of two songs from well known MSX games, Xak 2 and Illusion City. In stead of using his MIDI equipment again like he did last time, this time Meits chose to use a Moonsound for his endeavours. Both songs, Boroz Forest (Xak 2) and The one who rules the Heaven (Illusion City), were made using MBWave and use nothing more than the stock ROM sounds.

Meits is playing with the idea of creating a music disk featuring these tracks and more, so if you like these songs be sure to let it known in the comments.

Relevant link: Xak 2 - Rising of the Red Moon - Boroz Forest
Relevant link: Illusion City - The one who rules the Heaven

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By Colemu

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02-05-2013, 20:02

Two more fantastic compositions from the master of Moonsound Cool
Are they available for download?

By meits

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02-05-2013, 20:50

The MP3s are... The MWMs might show up on a future music disk... Therefore I keep them on my CF card for a while... If the music disk turns out to be a nothing, the MWMs will pop up here as well...

By SkyeWelse

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02-05-2013, 22:00

Nice job on these Melts. The Xak II track was especially cool especially given that its a bit of a hard piece to remix since the original theme is really all over the place. It's a very odd sounding track to begin with I think. : ) Your version compares quite nicely if not better than the FM-Towns version of Xak II Boroz Forest.

I had never heard any music from Illusion City before, that's some nice stuff! I'll have to give it a shot one of these days. I've been holding off for now just in case they ever finish or release a new English translation. I've heard it's one heckuva nice game.


By riquet

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02-05-2013, 23:20

Excellent... like always ! Smile

Meits wrote:

The MWMs might show up on a future music disk...

Good news Big smile

By JohnHassink

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02-05-2013, 23:38

Nice!!! Hadn't heard the Illusion City one yet. Smile

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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02-05-2013, 23:41

SkyeWelse wrote:

I've heard it's one heckuva nice game.

It's BRILLIANT. I secretly like it more than SD Snatcher. But don't tell anyone. Wink
Do you have Micro Musics? With this you can easily listen to all Micro Cabin soundtracks. You're supposed to 'rip' them out of the games yourself, but send me a message if you want a ready to use version.

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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07-05-2013, 20:16

Thanks Meits!!!! I want more Big smile . Xak II is my favourite .

Edit: The cover from Illusion City is brutal Big smile . If you make CD or disk demo from these games whit this quality i´m buy ;-) ,i want i want Evil

By Randam

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08-05-2013, 20:41

Tremendously good tracks Meits!! Well done. Great songs for equally great games. You do them justice!

By meits

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30-01-2014, 23:09

Thinking of starting a music disk to be released @ Nijmegen 2015...
Will try and get graphician Opa in the mood and find me a coder (since DISK and dIIsk were just some basic thingies and I want things to be better than that)...
If I can gather me a crew, these two tunes will certainly find a place on it... Sure, they're dated by then, but at least you can play them on your trusty, good ol' MSX then Smile

By Grauw

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30-01-2014, 23:16

That’d be cool… they were so popular in the 90’s, but it’s been a long time since one was made!