53rd Barcelona MSX users meeting

53rd Barcelona MSX users meeting

by PAC on 27-03-2018, 19:46 translated by PAC
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Saturday 9th of June the 53rd edition of the MSXRU event will be held in Barcelona at Centre Jove la Fontana, Spain. All those interested in a booth can make reservations now. The organizers will inform about new stuff as soon as they are confirmed.

Relevant link: 53rd Barcelona MSX users meeting

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By mariocavalcanti

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29-03-2018, 01:19

I like the way RUMSX is organized. And always with many releases.

By Francisco Tellez de Meneses

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29-03-2018, 12:13

I'm looking forward to going there! ^_^

By Wolverine_nl

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29-03-2018, 12:17

A good excuse to go to Spain Cool

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