Bazix to attend MSX World 2005

by snout on 24-04-2005, 15:11
Topic: Events

The MSX World 2005 website has been updated with a first list of groups and companies which will attend this MSX fair which is going to be held on May 5th in Akihabara, Tokyo. Among these participants is the Dutch company Bazix, the representative of MSX Association outside Japan. Apart from Bazix, the following community groups have announced to attend MSX World 2005 as well:

More information on MSX World 2005 can be found over here.

Relevant link: MSX World 2005 - Participants

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By snout

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24-04-2005, 15:12

Ok, I'm quite sure I got some of the names of the stand-holders wrong. Sorry for that Wink

And yup, I'm the lucky sod who's going to Tokyo in 1.5 weeks... more info soon!

By adrcunha

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28-04-2005, 06:07

Bon voyage and enjoy it, Snout!
[ of course we'll be waiting for a complete report here in Wink ]