Ever wanted to know how a death/trash metal version of your favourite MSX tune would sound? You get a chance to find that out if you visit the 40th MSX RU in Barcelona, on which we reported earlier, and listen to the music of Crisis Alma who will be performing there. Spanish Metal Hammer magazine #249 writes: "Crisis Alma is the personal project of Albert, an experienced composer and multi-instrumentalist of the Spanish metal scene. This project has its origins in 1993 […] Crisis Alma's music is so hard to define as easy to enjoy. With very diverse influences […] Albert's compositions sustain the drama and the tension at every moment. Of complex, diverse and exuberant instrumentation and a vocal interpretation out of the common performed by Marta, Crisis Alma's themes sink its roots into the most energetic metal and spread out to infinity without losing the sense of the song's concept."

Relevant link: Official announcement at AAMSX

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By Oscar

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01-12-2011, 21:35

This concert will be brutal! Smile

By mesiasmsx

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03-12-2011, 10:40

Sure Wink . Coming soon some theme for download...

By guantxip

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05-12-2011, 09:49

Albert is a great guitar hero. LOL!

By mesiasmsx

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05-12-2011, 13:58

Add new and interesting INFO:

On December 10 coinciding with the 40th meeting of MSX users, CRISIS ALMA will
a concert devoted entirely to classic video games versioning issues.
Those chosen for this are four games that Konami made ​​for the company
MSX computer and used the custom sound chip SCC:

NO Elgiz Fuuin (Kings Valley 2)

Also present CRISIS ALMA disk VIDEOGAME SERIES # 1, containing the
topics arranged especially for electric guitar
SALAMANDER - Operation Seedleek (Prologue BGM)
SALAMANDER - Power of Anger (STG1 BGM)
SALAMANDER - Poison of Snake (Boss BGM)
SALAMANDER - Departure Again (Demo 1 Ending BGM)
GRADIUS 2 - Return (Demo 1 Ending BGM)
GRADIUS 2 - Stage 1 BGM
F-1 Spirit - F-1 Spirit (F-1 BGM)
F-1 Spirit - Hot Summer Riding (Stock Car & F-3 BGM)
NO Elgiz Fuuin - Start Menu BGM
NO Elgiz Fuuin - Stage 1 BGM

Link with a snippet of the song to download Seedleek Operation:


The event will take place in Barcelona in the Conference Hall of the Center "La Fontana"
C / Gran de Gràcia No. 190 (next to the Metro L3 Fontana)
For information on MSX users meeting: www.aamsx.com

For more information contact: