MSX Club Groningen moves to new location

by snout on 26-01-2007, 19:56
Topic: Events

MSX Club Groningen have announced their meetings have moved to a new location. From now on, the MSX meetings will take place in Wijkcentrum "De Borg", Borgwal 90, Groningen. The new location is close to the previous one, offers some extra parking space and is easy to reach via public tansport. An updated route description can be found (in Dutch) over here.

The next meeting of MSX Club Groningen is held this Sunday from 11:00 to 16:00. We have updated our list of MSX fairs and meetings.

Relevant link: MSX Club Groningen

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By wolf_

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26-01-2007, 20:24

This sunday is your chance to meet [DK] and buy him out if you submitted a game for MSXDev'06 Hannibal

By [DK]

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27-01-2007, 13:10

My wishlist is:

a) A Spanish ham or,
b) A sports car or,
c) two warehouses full of bananas and without Kremlings in it (this is an important detail).

You can only bribe my if I see the stock at the Groningen meeting.



By wolf_

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29-01-2007, 22:40

oh yes .. there were terrible kids sneeking into our fiendish schemes. Running Naked in a Field of Flowers .. there was the msxPod from msd, That freak called [DK] semi-finished Penguin Adventure that day (he missed some item orso, so he was too late, dunno, never played the game, the experts will know what I'm talking 'bout), and there were some survey-discussions and other talks.

oh.. and there was a WII.. with Hannibal tennis oO and a BA-team stupid dart game

Murdoch And.. colorful chairs!

By Vampier

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31-01-2007, 00:03

We are Borg Evil