MSX Fair Bussum 2000

by Grauw on 22-05-2000, 16:12
Topic: Events

This year the Bussum fair will again be held, and the MSX Marathon will also get a successor. I have opened the webpage again, the URL is, or alternatively (since the previous URL doesn`t work yet) will be some changes compared to last year:

  • There will be people available to help you get your stuff up the stairs (some booth keepers will really like this :)).
  • The MSX Marathon will be organized much better, with an agenda etc. So it will even be more fun!
  • Some things have been loosened. You *should* pay right after your reservation, or at least before August the 15th. However, it is not a must anymore. In practice it already wasn`t the previous years. Now it`s also official, because we heard a lot of people ask if they still could pay for or reserve their booth after August the 15th... There also was a stupid `rule` thing about chairs, which was a remainder of the Zandvoort location.

Anyways, just pay a visit to the webpage and read all the stuff about it. I hope to see you all again this year at the fair!!! (and the MSX Marathon)~Grauw