MSX Fair Bussum 2001

by Grauw on 13-08-2001, 14:08
Topic: Events

The Bussum MSX fair will once again be held this year! It’s at the same spot, in Bussum, and the date is September the 22nd, 2001. After you’ve read this, don’t forget to check out the new poll! This year, the fair won’t be as boring (well...) as the previous years. We, the organization, understand that products alone won’t keep you at the fair for about more than an hour. So this year we will do our best to make the fair as interesting as possible. We will organize some contests and stuff, and TeddyWareZ will do a speech about their new Chaos Assembler. Also, the team will highly likely be present with a stand and some activities (and who would want to miss that, eh?).If you also would like to contribute to this year’s fair, or have any suggestions to make the fair even more interesting (yes please!), you can contact me at

You can register for a stand at the MSX Fair Bussum homepage at, and you can view other info, like location, route description, etc. aswell.Please note that at the moment the online registration form returns with an internal server error. Just ignore the message, your registration will still be processed.