MSX fair Oss 2005 - Announced

by snout on 29-09-2004, 23:15
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About four months ago we reported it was likely that Oss 2004 had unexpectedly become the last edition of the crowded and interesting newyears MSX meetings in Oss, Netherlands. We based this on information sent to the international MSX mailinglist by MSX-NBNO, but at the same day we reported there might still be a chance to see future editions of the Oss fairs.

Today MSX-NBNO announced the annual MSX meeting in Oss will be held in 2005, on January 22nd. At the moment it is not clear at which location the meeting will be held, but you can already discuss the location and any other ideas about the fair on the MSX NBNO forums. As soon as a location has been set for the fair, we will announce it on the MRC frontpage. Stay tuned!

Relevant link: MSX-NBNO

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By Sonic_aka_T

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29-09-2004, 23:38

Good! Smile

By BiFi

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30-09-2004, 08:28

Good to read they're still going for it after previous posts and rumours(?) about calling it quits.

By Maico Arts

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01-10-2004, 19:55

Off course it is good.

The MSX fair 2005 will be held at the same location as last year and the year before: 't Oude Theater te Oss, a few minutes walk from the trainstation Oss.

The fair will be held as usual from 10 to 17, standholders can enter the room from 8.30. At the end of the fair we are going for a nice dinner at Den Toei.

More info will be published soon on the NBNO Site
Check out the forum there please.

Maico Arts

By anonymous

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01-10-2004, 20:21

Great! Big smile

"a few minutes walk" ?? it's practically across the street! Tongue