Nijmegen 2017 - Photoshoot

by Jorito on 23-01-2017, 23:04
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For the 12th time already, MSX user Manuel organised the annual MSX fair in Nijmegen, this year in a new location. Fortunately everybody managed to find the new place, as evidenced by the photos that Manuel took and shared with all of us to enjoy. If you also visited and have photos to share, you can upload them yourself!

Relevant link: Nijmegen 2017 photo shoot

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By luppie

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23-01-2017, 23:57

Please also take a look at Hamlet's pictures.

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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24-01-2017, 00:01

By ro

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26-01-2017, 08:40

*updated: MRC User turboR just uploaded a handfull of images to this shoot

By djh1697

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26-01-2017, 14:20

Nice Wink How many people actually attended?

By Manuel

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26-01-2017, 16:19

About 72, according to Mr Kalkwiek of MCWF.

By Wolverine_nl

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27-01-2017, 10:04

how is that number compared to previous meetings Manuel?

By Manuel

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27-01-2017, 10:59

About the same.

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