Nishi Kazuhiko interview about MSX3

Nishi Kazuhiko interview about MSX3

by ro on 09-09-2022, 11:32
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In preparation for the recent Málaga MSX meeting in Spain, an online interview with Nishi Kazuhiko was conducted. During the interview mr. Nishi talks about the MSX origins, his career and ofcourse his plans for MSX3. The recorded interview is now publicly available for every one to enjoy.

The weekend of September 3th 2022 was an interesting one in terms of MSX computing. In Spain the second edition of the Málaga MSX meeting was held, while in Japan the MSX devcon took place where MSX3 plans where revealed. Earlier, Daniel Padilla set-up a remote video meeting having mr. Nishi present for an interview. The interview was first shown at the Málaga MSX meeting, and it is now published publicly with the consent of Nishi Kazuhiko, who stood at the birth cradle of MSX. The YouTube video has Spanish and English subtitles included.

The first good hour of the video, mr. Nishi spends time on looking back at his career, the original plans for MSX and it's video chip, the story of his Bentley car and the R800, and on his plans for MSX3 and MSX0.

With MSX3 he has Internet of Things (iot) in mind. Even more, he settles for nothing less than MSX3 becoming the king of iot. The project is ambitious with stackable boards for lots of power, cloud connection, MSX market, and even Commodore and Atari compatibility. And the machine will be Linux-based but contains MSX-BASIC with KUN compiler as standard. There's no command prompt, however.

Well, see for yourself what the MSX grandfather has in mind with his new project. With any luck, you'll have the opportunity to meet him in person at upcoming fairs like, in Spain and the Netherlands, to talk about anything MSX related and to get introduced to the MSX3 and MSX0 machines.

Now, grab some coffee and sit down for a long but informative MSX related video on the tube.

Relevant link: Kazuhiko Nishi interview 2022 video

Comments (12)

By Accumulator

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09-09-2022, 23:40

I will have a lot of respect if Nishi-san can set a new strandard!
It aint easy, but never underestimate the Japanese!

ARM is great! v8 especially ... awaiting what the has under his sleeves!!!
Emulating is not difficult anymore, however the Japanese always find a way to blaze out minds.,,,

out (&h98),128
out (&h98),32
out (&h99),'IMPLESS'
out (&h99),'ME'

By NetNomad

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10-09-2022, 06:26

This has put a lot of my fears to rest. I guess an interview is a lot easier to understand than ten thousand google-translated tweets hahaha. I love the historical anecdotes too. Thanks to the organizers for conducting and sharing this!

By mcolom

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10-09-2022, 13:33

Yes, thanks for this interview, very interesting!
I find it really funny when he explain he met Bill Gates and he was surprised that, 30 years after, he still goes on with MSX... Big smile Sure, forever!

By KdL

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11-09-2022, 12:07

It is not only Bill Gates who is asking this question, but everyone who does not understand what MSX offers on an emotional level. In 1996 I was working for a computer assembly company. The chief engineer knew my history with the MSX because ten years earlier he had participated in my first purchase of the PHILIPS VG-8235. In that year there was already Windows 95, and one day he asked me, "What? Are you still on MSX!?" I wonder what he would think today, in 2022. Tongue

By edoz

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12-09-2022, 21:58

I really wonder if Nishi allowed this conversation to be open?

By nitrofurano

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14-09-2022, 12:55

he mentioned about msx-zero - is there any information available about it? ("lmgtfy" finds nothing at all..)

By Warchild

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14-09-2022, 13:09

I was a little shocked when Nishi explained that MSX2 was the machine intended to be the first MSX computer released (dont't know if it's new for you, but it is for me). MSX1 software would have been written directly for MSX2 and a more powerful and competitive first generation would lead later to a better evolution, I guess.

@edoz: they say in the video that will be shown at Málaga users meeting. Nishi says there are things that he can't reveal (and so no secret told by him here), but I don't think this interview was not allowed to be open. It was not a secret interview.

By ATroubleshooter

Expert (114)

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14-09-2022, 17:14

edoz wrote:

I really wonder if Nishi allowed this conversation to be open?

If I understand correctly, he is asking users to spread the word. And adresses the community to participate more actively in development - as it was told about 1000 'developer prototypes' for Japan and same amount for Europe.

By Manuel

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14-09-2022, 22:05

Warchild wrote:

I was a little shocked when Nishi explained that MSX2 was the machine intended to be the first MSX computer released (dont't know if it's new for you, but it is for me).

He actually also told us the same thing when he visited the Tilburg MSX fair in 2000 (or was it 2001?). Totally made sense, but what a pity it didn't happen that way...

By shalafi

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16-09-2022, 14:49

Interesting that Google did build Android Things as an alternative to Arduino (hobbyist) and Raspberry pi (generic computing) as an iot platform.
Which completely flopped and was discontinued, but I did love it.

By Gradius2

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22-10-2022, 00:54

Nishi has been on "msx3" for like 10 years? Or even more.

Every time he mentions it, he manages to get more and more delusional about it.

By Accumulator

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11-11-2022, 22:16

I have been thinking this over and came to the following conclusion:
a) backwards compatibility, with emulator (or app + hw extension)
b) MSX3 state of art gaming device
c) processor Fujitsu A64FX +, state of art gpu (probably custom Nvidia) & sound (TI) & dvd & streaming & xTB Ssd & etc etc incl. MSXnetwork en store. Proprietary software based on a RedHat Linux distro.
d) Chromebook strategy, multiple manufacturers, same platform
e) Cooperation with hw vendors to be best gaming solution
f) steal market share from Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft
g) earn money with licenses

Nishi can regain fame with MSX3
He has the knowledge and connections to make it really huge!!!
Go for it Nishi-san!