RetroMadrid 2009

by wolf_ on 06-01-2009, 12:40
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On the 14th of March, RetroMadrid 2009 will take place. This fair goes back all the way to 1995, when it started out as MadriSX. In 2004 the name changed to MadriSX & Retro, featuring more retro systems than just MSX. In 2008, the name of this event changed to what it is now: RetroMadrid.

Activities one can expect are competitions, sales, demonstrations of new software and devices, all for vintage consoles and vintage computers. An impression of RetroMadrid 2008 can be seen at YouTube.

The location for this event is the El Greco Cultural Center, Madrid (Spain). The two relevant underground stations for this location are Batán (line 10) and Alto de Extremadura (line 6). The place is open from 10:30 to 19:30. Entrance is free!

Relevant link: RetroMadrid

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Pictures please!