In order to clearify the difference between Dumas and the new games cartridges which include a new custom sound chip, callMSX and some people involved have written a couple of short articles about them (focusing on the cartridge with the sound chip) in English and Spanish. During the past Barcelona MSX users' meeting a demo of upcoming Kralizec games using that cartridge was shown. An AVI video of this demonstration is available from here.

Relevant link: callMSX

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By konamiman

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27-12-2005, 12:58

By SaebaMSX

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27-12-2005, 14:59

It was not me, obviously. Tongue

Does her name start with K?

Thanks for the shortcuts, it didn't look interesting to add more URLs to the new, so better in this way. Wink


Paladin (1012)

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27-12-2005, 16:56

more info please Big smile just kidding maybe some close ups of the cardridge PCB? Smile im realy intrested in a duma's Wink way to go d\(^_^)/b

By poke-1,170

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28-12-2005, 05:29

hey,same damn nice gfx these games have !
Cool style, the froggy and dream thing one

By SaebaMSX

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28-12-2005, 07:31

I think that some pictures of the PCB were made during last Barcelona meeting and published. Of course they are from the games cart, which is "ready to work". Dumas is just a prototype so it does not look as it will be in the future. Smile

Latok asked me privately something really interesting:

Q: The games inside that cart will be able to do whatever while the samples are being played?
A: Definitely YES. So no more waits, those games are going to rock. Smile Just check the video again, while the music is playing, the samples can be played too.

By Gakubuchi

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06-01-2006, 01:05

This is really amazing... a new sound chip for MSX... Cool!
Too bad I couldn't came to the past Ru to see it in action!
Even more interesting is Dumas! Network AND USB in MSX! That's all I dreamed for a long time! Let's see if I can finish my Mail reader for ObsoNET in time for Dumas release! Smile

Greets Saeba!!

By SaebaMSX

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06-01-2006, 22:56

Hey Marc! Let's see if we meet soon. Smile

Great if you liked the video!!! I also think that this new soundchip is amazing and suits perfectly on MSX games too.

By the way, this video did not get many reactions here... I got many petitions from emule and I think that it was really more downloaded from direct links...

Come on guys, what do you think about it? Write down your impressions!!! Big smile

By Gakubuchi

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07-01-2006, 12:39

Maybe people are so amazed with the video that they couldn't write a comment here! LOL!