GSB-V2 for EV4 slotexpander

by anonymous on 01-03-2002, 19:18
Topic: Hardware

A new version of the GSB (Generador de Slots Advanced type B) for the EV4 slotexpander is now available. The EV4 is a special slotexpander that also can expand slot #0 and #3. On top of that the EV4 supports mapped SRAM. The GSB is the slot signals generator card for the EV4. The first versions of the EV4 and GSB were sold about 2 years ago. Now there is a new version of the GSB with several interesting improvements. The GSB-V2 contains 512K FlashROM and 512KB 20ns SRAM. The FlashROM is seen by the Z80 as 8 block ofs 64KB, in expanded slots #0.0 - 0.3 and #3.0 - 3.3. The SRAM is a standard 16KB mapper allocated in one of this expanded slots. This configuration is similar to the internal configuration of MSX2 or turboR systems. For additional information you can mail to