MP3 cartridge for MSX

by Ivan on 25-02-2007, 12:17
Topic: Hardware

Source: MSX Forum

Jos van den Biggelaar and Dennis Koller (a.k.a. Yobi and DD in our forum, respectively) are currently working in a hardware MP3 player for MSX. They already have a functional PCB prototype that fits into a Konami-sized MSX cartridge case. According to the information published by Jos in this forum thread, the cartridge uses an ATMEL CPU (20 MHz) for the communication with the VS1011 MP3 decoder and a Philips I2C interface to control the Bass/High/Volume levels. It can handle transfer rates up to 320 Kbps. If you are interested in this cool device you should better let Jos know this, the more orders the cheaper it will be.

Relevant link: MP3 cartridge for MSX (forum thread)

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By selios2000

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25-02-2007, 12:50

Impressive!! Smile Smile

By [D-Tail]

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25-02-2007, 18:12

Does it compare to the MP3 cart Compjoetania (I think) had, back in Tilburg 2K or 2K1? Anyway, it's cool stuff Smile

By Latok

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25-02-2007, 19:53

Great news Smile

By Prodatron

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28-02-2007, 14:28

Can't wait for supporting it in SymAmp/SymbOS Smile It shouldn't need more than 25% CPU time when loading and playing 128kbps MP3s from hard disc in the background. Seems, that it will even be supported in blueMSX soon!

By snout

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28-02-2007, 18:17

Absolutely amazing! I've been waiting for (something like) this ever since Jon de Schrijder showcased a never-released mp3 player for MSX prototype on Tilburg... ages ago.

By Yobi

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10-03-2007, 12:07

We also need a housing / case for the PCB. Anyone knows were we can get it?
Don't want to destroy my Konami's

By Ivan

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10-03-2007, 13:10

We also need a housing / case for the PCB. Anyone knows were we can get it?


By Prodatron

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22-03-2007, 23:05

Can be pre-ordered now, see Yobis post here: