Telemach 200 is back

Telemach 200 is back

by PAC on 26-10-2017, 19:57
Topic: Hardware

Source: MSXBLOG (Spanish)

Who doesn't remember those big and indestructible professional joysticks for the old computer and console platforms? There were several versions, one or two players, wood or plastic framework even Telemach manufactured a full arcade cabinet where users could connect their favourite systems. If you owned one of the Telemach products at that time you were the envy of the neighborhood but prices were not affordable.

Today we learned that thanks to the huge effort done by some enthusiasts the well known Telemach 200 model will be manufactured again. Several and specific versions were released in the past such as one for MSX, Amstrad and Spectrum, NES, Megadrive and PC. It's expected to launch a retrocompatible version plus an USB one during 2018. The first plastic mould tests were done sucessful.

Relevant link: Telemach 200 (Spanish)

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  • Telemach 200 is back
  • Telemach 200 is back
  • Telemach 200 is back
  • Telemach 200 is back
  • Telemach 200 is back

Comments (5)

By Manuel

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26-10-2017, 20:47

Never heard of it, really! Perhaps we all used the Suzo joysticks here in the NL?


Guardian (4519)

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26-10-2017, 20:56

The manufacturer was Spanish so probably this is the reason. Not sure in which countries they were sold exactly. In Spain were so popular even today.

By santiontanon

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26-10-2017, 23:56

Nice!!! I owned one of these in the Amiga times. Definitively the BEST joystick I ever had!!

By spl

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27-10-2017, 13:18

I have one for my computers Smile . Best homecomputer joystick ever Big smile


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01-11-2017, 13:39

Actually it's pretty easy to build a controller like that with arcade parts. I've done a couple myself for the pc and rewired one of them to a db9 connector to use with my msx. Best controller for shooters.

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