Computers and Videogames takes a time machine to MSX

by snout on 20-02-2011, 19:33
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Today, on the website of the UK gaming magazine Computer and Video Games, a brief article on the history of MSX was published in their Time Machine series. As takes of modern-day magazines on summing up the history of MSX come and go, this one actually does quite a decent job at it -- particularly if you want to know any new potential meanings of our favorite three-letter-abbreviation or if you are curious to find out what Robbie Williams and MSX have in common.

Relevant link: CVG Time Machine: MSX

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By Vampier

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21-02-2011, 07:22

what a bunch of non-info Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By MäSäXi

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21-02-2011, 11:43

quite a CRAP article, exactly the way CVG can do if they do the best they can. Don´t want to see what result is if they don´t try to do their best...... the "quality" of this article was no surprise for me...