E!TB TV broadcast 10 minute report on MSX

by viejo_archivero on 13-05-2011, 11:16
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The TV show Nickdutnik, a program about web culture and technology, have produced and broadcast a 10 minute-long report completely dedicated to the MSX system, its highlights, games, different generations, and its history - from its creation and to the actual development. In the entire report, different MSX computers can be spotted, along with images of MSX commercials, footage of MSX videogames and lots more! The report comes mixed with an interview to Jon Cortázar (viejo_archivero) of Relevo Videogames, in which he explains several aspects of the system while the report is going along.

The show was broadcast on May 11th on the Basque channel ETB3 and will be shown again next Sunday on the E!TB group channels ETB1, ET2 and Canal Vasco. For those unable to receive these channels there is good news as well, as the complete show can also be seen on the Nickdutnik website, where the show is even highlighted on the front page.

It is always nice to see MSX reported in the media, but when it comes to an item this long - completely dedicated to MSX - this one is kind of in a league of its own. Well worth watching!

Relevant link: MSX report on Nickdutnik

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By Sander

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13-05-2011, 11:31

I watched it. Except from the funny way you guys say MSX, it shows only a few models and some old Konami games. I got the feeling that's more a history lesson than actually an item that highlight some recent stuff. But that could just be due to my knowledge of the Spanish language ;-) Still, quite an impressive achievement to be in an item like this!

By viejo_archivero

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13-05-2011, 12:07

@Sander: in fact, is a report focused to general audience for them to know about the MSX system, just general non-indepth information is explained there. So beware: not for you experts! ;-)

By snout

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13-05-2011, 12:55

I think this one is absolutely brilliant. Way to go E!TB & Relevo!!!

By wolf_

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13-05-2011, 13:46

Would it be possible for someone to -steal- grab this video, add English subs and post it again somewhere? (youtube etc.)

By JohnHassink

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13-05-2011, 16:48

So that's how to swear in Spanish. Tongue Wink

By Meits

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13-05-2011, 17:05

@ Wolf_
You stole my words Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

I skip this until it's subbed...

By FiXato

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13-05-2011, 18:45

What meits and wolf_ said. Still, nice to see MSX on tele Smile

By flyguille

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14-05-2011, 20:38

I love how it say "tres canales de voces" (three voice channels), it misslead to the general audence to thinks "hey it has three channels to replay WAVs".

By pitpan

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15-05-2011, 11:59

Congratulations, viejo! Very nice video indeed. And that Philips NMS 8245 MSX2 looks familiar Wink

By muffie

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15-05-2011, 17:59

It's perfectly understandable for Portuguese speakers! Smile
...and very nice interview, congratulations viejo.
Relevo is your main business right now? No 9to5 regular job on other company?
Have you had any venture capital investment or you're already generating profits enough for paying the expenses?
Just curious, because I think most of us here would simple LOVE to quit our regular jobs...

By viejo_archivero

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16-05-2011, 04:59

@muffie: Since several years I'm part of a marketing agency from Spain, where I work as Creative Manager (check it here). Adding RELEVO Videogames to the workflow of the agency was quite logical and easy, so now RELEVO Videogames is the brand of the advergames and videogames development area from Vals Agency (you can read it in our weblog corporate section). So actually I did not quit my old job, as I like it too much ;-), I just added RELEVO Videogames to the mix ;-). What you can see in the interview is the RELEVO zone inside the main agency's office. You can read the full story at its newpost.

By muffie

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16-05-2011, 16:36

Seems like a perfect solution!
Además de producto para plataformas de 8 bits, se abre el campo a los juegos web y en entornos Windows, MacOS o mobile, siempre, eso si, con el sabor de videojuego oldschool que caracterizará a dichas producciones.

...can you launch British Bob @ the app store? I would happily pay 0.99 cents for it! Smile

By konamiman

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16-05-2011, 17:26

Except from the funny way you guys say MSX
EME-ESE-EKIS. Why is it so funny? Tongue

By Huey

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16-05-2011, 17:40

Except from the funny way you guys say MSX

EME-ESE-EKIS. Why is it so funny?

It just sounds very funny (almost cute).

By cax

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17-05-2011, 21:42

Let's make it a new poll -
"How MSX should be spelled - Em-Es-Eks, Em-Es-Iks, Eme-Ese-Ekis ?" Smile

By muffie

Paladin (933)

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17-05-2011, 22:11

And how MSX sounds in Portugues?
I don't know how to write it in English...

m-e, ass-i, cheese

By MsxKun

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18-05-2011, 13:31

@muffie: your ass is cheese?? Shocked!

By wolf_

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18-05-2011, 13:44

is contains? HannibalCrying

By muffie

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18-05-2011, 16:28

[Moderator Alert]
I'm being trolled.
I'm a victim of cyberbullying


People are saying that my ass contain cheese! :)

Anyway, MSX in Brazilian Portuguese sounds as:

M-i , ASS-i, cheese

Last time I looked, my ass was not with cheese.

By mesiasmsx

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19-05-2011, 14:59

!Thanks viejo!

By MäSäXi

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19-05-2011, 18:28

ÄMMÄS-ÄKS, finnish spelling of MSX, that should suit to everyone around the world! Smile