MSX in the Media: 25th nominee

by snout on 22-08-2004, 15:07
Topic: Media

The news about the release of Metal Gear 1 for cellphones did not only excite many MSX users, but also got attention on the games blog Joystiq in this article. The article has just been added to the list of nominees of the MSX in the Media challenge.

Did you get or spot MSX in the media? Send the evidence to and we will add it to the list of nominees!

Relevant link: MSX in the Media Challenge - List of nominees

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By ro

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22-08-2004, 22:21

it's joystiQ niet stiCK btw

By snout

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23-08-2004, 01:05

heh, I only made that typo once Tongue

By ro

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23-08-2004, 07:27

tha'ts one time to many, snout! Tongue