MSX in the Media: 47th nominee

by snout on 29-09-2004, 22:59
Topic: Media

Salvador Perugorría Lorente (spl) visited the 4-day computing event Navarparty and managed to get a lot of attention from the media by being the only visitor of the event who had brought an MSX computer. This got him in the newspaper Diario de Noticias and thus he is nominated for the MSX in the Media challenge.

But things get even better, as spl and his MSX will probably also get attention on Spanish television (TVE) this Saturday. We are looking forward to adding screenshots of that to the list of nominees as well, but we need your help to get those screenies!

Did you get or spot MSX in the media? Send the evidence to and we will add it to the list of nominees!

Relevant link: MSX in the Media Challenge - List of nominees

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By spl

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30-09-2004, 14:25

This piece of news doesn't appear in the front page Tongue

But, thank you! I've translated the part of the interview which was in the news article Smile, talking about my MSX...

By spl

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30-09-2004, 14:26

Yes, It appears but in the bottom Tongue


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