MSX at nominations

by wolf_ on 19-03-2010, 10:39
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Languages:, a large website providing a platform for demos (or electronic art, as they call it) all around the globe, has nominated five oldschool demos from 2009 for their annual awards. From these five nominations, two are MSX demos!

These demos will have to compete with two Commodore 64 demos and one Spectrum demo.

Relevant link: oldschool nominations

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By JohnHassink

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19-03-2010, 15:01

Excellent and well deserved!

Let's cross our fingers for both teams!

By FiXato

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19-03-2010, 17:57

Sir Truck recorded both demos on a real MSX for the awards and they are available at:

By FiXato

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19-03-2010, 19:37

Also, of course congrats to the demosceners who are nominated! Big smile