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by snout on 31-12-2003, 02:01
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Ever since we introduced our freeware downloads database, we have been posting top 10 charts every month. As we are approaching the end of the year, we thought it would be nice to do a bit more than that. So here it is, the 2003 downloads top 25. Not only do we list more files, we also give some extra information on each file this time. So, without further ado: let's take it away! The MSX Resource Center 2003 downloads top 25:

  • 1. 666 - the Haunted House (Text adventure; 1527 downloads) - An MSX1 adventure from Brazil. Released in 2003, created in BASIC. Topping the charts since this month.
  • 2. MSX 20th anniversary demo (Demo; 1297 downloads) - Until 666 - Haunted House catched up on this fine demo, it topped the charts ever since its release in June 2003. It combines several cool effects (like a smooth dancing girl silhouette) with cool music (ported from Atari ST, though).
  • 3. Blade Lords (Platform game; 731 downloads) - Parallax was part of the crème de la crème of the Dutch MSX Scene in the 90's. This game has got everything you'd want in a decent platform game. Unfortunately Parallax never got to release their masterpiece game Core Dump.
  • 4. Konamix (Moonblaster music; 688 downloads) - MSX can not be separated from Konami. And Konami can not be separated from MSX. This tune combines some of the finest Konami game songs in one big medley. Browse the internet and you might run into a MIDI conversion of this song. Trust us, the Moonblaster song sounds a lot better.
  • 5. Vscreen (Platform game engine; 524 downloads) - The sensation of 2003 according to the administrators of MSX Resource Center. A fast, smooth scrolling platform game engine. This tool (which is still in development) will help you create the coolest platform games ever. Comes with sources, level editor, screen and sprite converters and, last but not least, a playable level in two tastes. A must download.
  • 6. Bozo's big adventure (Platform game, 515 downloads) - A funny name for a funny game. Be smart, avoid contact with the enemies. Find your way through the huge mazes. Be bozo. Created by CAIN, the demo group that created more demo's for Sunrise Picturedisks than any other group.
  • 7. Bet your life (Arcade game; 483 downloads) - An annoying TV personality (Rolf X.) hosts one of the most repulsive TV shows to date: Bet your life. In other words: gladiators revisited. Kill everything around you before everything around you kills you. Become a star. Based on the Arcade game Smash TV, created by Hegega (Teachers Terror).
  • 8. Bombaman Promo (Puzzle game; 479 downloads) - You only have to browse swiftly through the recent news posts on the MRC to see that 2004 is going to be a good year for MSX. Team Bomba is giving it a head start by releasing their long awaited game Bombaman on the Oss fair (January 17th). Sunrise is publishing the game and is adding a load of extras to the Bomba package. Do you want a sneak peek? Here you have it!
  • 9. MegaDOOM (Shooter; 477 downloads) - FCS stands for First Class Software and they prove their products are indeed first class with this Shooter for MSX2+. Remember FAC demo 4 and 5? FCS created them. Curious? Download and play!
  • 10. WOEI! demo (Demo; 462 downloads) - Team Bomba needed some distraction after working on Bombaman for a very long time. MRC admins Latok and Snout challenged visitors of the MRC forums to create simple logo & scroll demos once again. The rest is history. OPL4 highly recommended.
  • 11. Construction Craze (Simulation game; 457 downloads). Ever wanted to play Sim City on your MSX? Here's your chance. Paragon created a turn-based city simulator for MSX. Be careful with each turn. Be more careful with your money. Every turn could be your last.
  • 12. ROM2COM (Utility; 454 downloads) - Why start a romloader, then select a ROM and then play it if you could do all that at once. ROM2COM converts small (<32kB) ROM files into runnable COM files.
  • 13. Eggbert (Platform game, 453 downloads) - The proof that Fony could do a lot more than just be very funny. An addictive and eggciting adventure which was later released as 'Toki Tori' on Gameboy Color by Capcom
  • 14. Meridian (MIDI sequencer/tracker/player; 351 downloads) - This tool for MIDI and OPL4 is more and more becoming a work of art. For any MSX2 with 512kB or (preferably) more. MIDI enthusiasts and Moonsound owners: this is the program you have been waiting for.
  • 15. Pumpkin Adventure 3 - Downtown map (Maps; 335 downloads) - Fans of this classic Umax/Sunrise game who got stuck 'downtown' can now use this map as a reference.
  • 16. Bananenvla (Music disk; 300 downloads) - Named after a Dutch dessert, this product offers some cool FAC Soundtracker Songs and a cool menu interface. Listen at own risk.
  • 17. Pushem (Puzzle game; 256 downloads) - TeddyWareZ brings us a new look on the Sokoban style game. By the way, did you know Sokoban just means 'warehouseman'?
  • 18. ADR's theme (Moonblaster song; 245 downloads) - Anne de Raad. That name sounds familiar. Here's one of the songs he created in Moonblaster.
  • 19. Thunderbirds are Go promo (Adventure; 239 downloads) - A promo of the Deltasoft adventure game Thunderbirds are go. Moonsound music included!
  • 20. Sound Effect Editor 3 (Utility; 237 downloads) - Do you want to add cool PSG sound effects to your productions? This tool is just what you need. Many popular MSX games use SEE-effects. Vscreen uses them, too!
  • 21. Snowfall demo by Nyyrikki (Demo; 235 downloads) - The first entry to the MSX Resource Center Snowfall Challenge (you can still send in your entries!), created by Nyyrikki in a wicked programming language.
  • 22. Final Future character 1 (GFX; 214 downloads) - One of the drawings for the unfinished, unreleased Flying Bytes game 'The Final Future', drawn by Arno Dekker in SCREEN 5 and SCREEN 10
  • 23. Rick Dangerous (Platform game; 212 downloads) - What, you don't know this game? It was released on many, many, many platforms and thanks to Paragon MSX is one of them.
  • 24. HDDEmu English (Utility; 194 downloads) - A tool to create, configure and play disk images from harddisk on a turboR. Runs most sector-based games.
  • 25. Quattro (Break-out game; 191 downloads) - One of the first games, if not the first game ever to support the Philips Muziekmodule. Classic break-out action with bats on all sides of the screen. Control them with your mouse.

This are just 25 of the many, many, many cool titles you can download from our downloads database. Be sure to check them all out! Our downloads database was introduced on May 20th, 2003. Since then we have been able to regularly add new files. Currently we are hosting more than 400 freeware MSX software titles. You can help us increasing that number. Have you created one or more games, demos, music, graphics or utilities for MSX and would you like to share it with the MSX Community. Or do you know someone who did? Send it in to downloads@msx.org and we will add it as soon as possible. Happy downloading!

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By anonymous

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31-12-2003, 11:58

Uh ..... about ROM2COM: it converts ROMs >=32KB

By Grauw

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31-12-2003, 16:36

How many downloads does SEE3 have? Anyways, very impressive list. I didn't know so many cool stuff was available for download.


By snout

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31-12-2003, 18:03

added the SEE downloads counter Smile

By Whizzy

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02-01-2004, 15:03


i just registered to say "thanks" to all the msx'ers who downloaded 'Construction Craze' and 'Rick Dangerous'. And yes, Paragon is still alive. Wink Maybe we'll do another game this year... just maybe


By Grauw

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02-01-2004, 18:33

Wow, cool ^_^...

By snout

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02-01-2004, 21:09

Dude!! Go for it!! Smile

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