5th Under Water Challenge entry: Grijander Water

by snout on 15-05-2004, 14:39
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Maso Jose sent us the fifth entry to the Under Water Challenge: a benchmark for the TMS9918A (MSX1) VDP, Grijander Water. To run the benchmark you really need an MSX1 or an MSX1 emulator.

Today is the last day you can send in your submissions for the Under Water Challenge. If you have created (or are working on) a game, demo, tool, GFX or music with an under water theme, you can send your submissions to blub@msx.org before 23:59 CET. Doing that, you might win one of the prizes listed here. Good luck!

Relevant link: Grijander Water Benchmark

Comments (3)

By Manuel

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15-05-2004, 14:58

So, can someone explain to me in what way this is a benchmark?

By [WYZ]

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15-05-2004, 18:13

Try it this "BM" wiht some emulators . There is a lot of changes in speed video emulation and colours indeed. Really it is nothing but a test and a bet to try how much fast the whole screen can be refreshed.

By Manuel

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15-05-2004, 20:12

I tried it in openMSX. When using an MSX2, nothing happens, only the bubbles are there, standing still.
When I use an MSX1, I see them scrolling, faster and faster, until they are standing still again, with some 'interleaving' effect.

What should exactly happen on a real MSX1? (I don't have one at hand...)