7th Under Water Challenge entry by Team Bomba

by snout on 15-05-2004, 17:36
Topic: MRC
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Team Bomba have sent us a GFX9000 demo as an entry for the Under Water Challenge. The demo, which consists out of two parts, runs on any MSX2 computer with DOS2, 128kB RAM and a GFX9000 cartridge. When run from ramdisk, harddisk or CompactFlash you can also hear an under-water Moonsound tune during the demo, provided that your Moonsound has at least 256kB SRAM. To accomplish the GFX9000 effects, Team Bomba used the GFX 9000 library.

Today is the last day you can send in your submissions for the Under Water Challenge. If you have created (or are working on) a game, demo, tool, GFX or music with an under water theme, you can send your submissions to blub@msx.org before 23:59 CET. Doing that, you might win one of the prizes listed here. Good luck!

Relevant link: Team Bomba's Under Water Challenge entry

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By Ikeda

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11-02-2011, 14:24

It's a fine working on my Panasonic FS-A1ST(MSXturboR) with GFX9000. LOL!
Beautiful grafix!