9th Under Water Challenge entry: Coral 2

by snout on 15-05-2004, 23:23
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Infinite contributed a trackmo to the Under Water Challenge. A trackmo is a demo, of which the most important part is the music. The graphics and texts are merely there to support the atmosphere of the song. To run Coral 2 you need an MSX2 with 128kB RAM and a Moonsound with 512kB SRAM.

In less than an hour the Under Water challenge will close. If you have created (or are working on) a game, demo, tool, GFX or music with an under water theme, you can send your submissions to blub@msx.org before 23:59 CET. Doing that, you might win one of the prizes listed here. Good luck!

Relevant link: Coral 2

Comments (3)

By Haze

Expert (117)

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16-05-2004, 00:04

Coral -2-?!? OMG!! *insert random fanboy-ish behaviour*

Sorry Wolf, I just never anticipated you making a sequel to imho one of your greatest tracks ever. Smile Now maybe time for an MP3 (OGG?) version of it, with your all-mighty mastering skills? Tongue

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9906)

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16-05-2004, 02:13

The link to a 1 minute teaser mp3 (with fragments only!) will be released today (sunday).

No single ROM sound was used.. and I really hope that ppl who don't have 640kb sram will upgrade to 640kb at least.. even tho this tune requires 512kb .. but that was because the rules didn't allow more than 512kb Smile

v1 as well as v2 moonsounds can be upgraded to 640kb with relative ease..

By BiFi

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16-05-2004, 07:55

Wolf came pretty much out of the blue with the material. We had one minor improvement planned, but time ran out and I like how the final result has turned out.