Bombaman Level Edit Challenge: Closed

by snout on 14-12-2004, 00:13
Topic: MRC
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On October 28th, 2004 we started the Bombaman Level Edit Challenge. Six weeks later, 2 days before the deadline of the challenge we had not received a single entry yet. Then, BiFi decided to submit a set of levels. Within two days we received 13 levelsets from 6 different leveleditors. A grand total of 65 Bombaman levels for you to enjoy is the result. Here is an overview of them all, in chronological order:

The jury of the challenge will now have a close look at the entries and decide who are the winner of the Sunrise MSX Gamereader, the MSX Joystick port to PSX controller convertor, Konami Usas (European version), Compile Disc Station #27 and Momonoki House Peach Up #1. As usual, it will take us a bit of time before we can post the results, but why don't you have a nice game of Bombaman while you're waiting at it?

Relevant link: Bombaman Level Edit Challenge entries

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By robertwilting

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14-12-2004, 08:02

Vincent van Dam made (Not) my cup of tea not me.

By BiFi

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14-12-2004, 10:57

Wow, 6 sets... = 30 levels... You actually tested all these levels before you submitted them?

By wolf_

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14-12-2004, 21:16

so uhm.. what's up next ? some mini-challenge for the mas-x holidays in a few days from now?