Bombaman Level Edit Challenge: Second entry

by snout on 13-12-2004, 12:27
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

With about 12 hours to go before the deadline to the Bombaman Level Edit Challenge the second entry just came in. BiFi has sent in 5 levels for Bombaman which you can find over here. As both entries are created by BiFi he is very likely to win two of the five prizes listed over here.

Would you like to win one of these prizes? Find out how to make some Bomba levels over here and send your set of Bombaman levels to before December 13th, 23:59 CET!

Relevant link: Atlantis - 5 Bombaman levels by BiFi

Comments (3)

By BiFi

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13-12-2004, 12:52

Honestly I my doubts whether or not this entry would be accepted as a valid entry. When you play it, you'll understand why.

By robertwilting

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13-12-2004, 14:20

As long as no other persons sends in I think they will count it.
However I do believe that anyone can do better then this.

By BiFi

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13-12-2004, 14:35

Obviously adding more would spoil the whole idea of the Atlantis levels.