Custom chips poll down, game mod poll up

by wolf_ on 26-03-2010, 17:41
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Somewhere in medieval times, when dragons and knights ruled the planet, we initiated the custom chips poll. Now that it's spring in the year 2010, it's high time to present a new poll. Before hopping over to the new poll, let's have a look at the outcome of the medieval poll: would you consider a ROM game containing extra hardware an MSX game? After 91 votes, here's the result:

  1. Yes, it's an MSX game: 89.01%
  2. No, it isn't: 10.99%

The tricky bit is the original definition of the MSX, where the standard was quite minimal, but could be expanded as companies would see fit. It was a time when all computers were striving to win the race. Today, PCs have won the race and there's barely a point for retro systems to advance, other than perhaps (mass) storage and networking, as it breaks with the retro culture which retro people seem to like. Unlike many other retro systems from the 80's, the current MSX culture sits in the middle of a large grey area.

The new poll is an idea from Brazilian developer SLotman. How should modified commercial games be distributed? It's great when hobbyist programmers take efforts to improve such old games, with a translation, with MSX2 support for a turbo R game, with a new palette, with scrolling, with new graphics, conversions from other systems, maybe even with new sound and music. While MSX games are old, they are still copyrighted, and sometimes rereleased. Simple distribution of the complete patched product on websites could be a tricky business - unless you don't care. This is what the poll is about, have fun!

As for polls in general, it's not always easy to come up with ideas. Often heard suggestions (best looking MSX, best looking game, best tool etc.) are typically megapolls rather than normal polls, where you start with tens of nominees, to thin out with the famous 0-3 1-2 2-1 3-0 voting rounds. These megapolls may not always be an option. If you have a good idea for a normal poll, with a few clear poll options, let's hear it, you know how to reach us. Don't forget to take a look at polls we've already done!

Relevant link: Poll results

Comments (3)

By Tanni

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26-03-2010, 19:39

... retro systems ... retro culture which retro people ... many other retro systems from the 80's

I really don't like that term! It sounds a little 'retarded'. In the 80s, there weren't ''retro systems'', but homecomputers, and that's the term I like to refer them to.

By wolf_

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26-03-2010, 20:37

From today's perspective it's retro.

By max_iwamoto

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30-03-2010, 07:39

When the new poll will be available?