Downloads top 10 - August 2003

by snout on 01-08-2003, 00:02
Topic: MRC

On may 20th we introduced our new freeware MSX downloads database. For the second time since that launch we'll have a look at which files have been downloaded the most. Here is the current top 10:

These statistics clearly show that there are many people interested in new MSX products. The MRC-exclusive 20th anniversary demo tops the charts with a distance, while 666 haunted house and Meridian 3.0 beta2 enter the charts only shortly after being added to the downloads database. Also products that were recently declared Freeware (Blade lords and Bozo's Big Adventure) do surprisingly well. We are really looking forward to adding more new files to our downloads database. If you want to show your new or old MSX software to a large audience, you know where to send the files. You can add them manually in the downloads module, but you can also mail them to All files will be appreciated. Maybe your creations will end up in the next top 10!

Relevant link: MSX Resource Center downloads database