Dragon Slayer 6 features the best MSX game song ever!

by snout on 30-12-2003, 22:48
Topic: MRC
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On july 27th we started our quest for the best MSX Game Song ever. Because the huge amount of nominations we decided to split the mega-poll up in three smaller mega-polls. One for PSG, one for MSX-MUSIC and one for SCC. After many rounds of voting in a tournament-system six game songs came out on top. A month ago the final battle on our frontpage started. 267 people submitted their votes. Here are the results of that battle:

  • 1. Dragon Slayer VI - Introdemo (73 votes, 27.34%)
  • 2. SD-Snatcher - Viral introdemo (57 votes, 21.35%)
  • 3. Illusion City (45 votes, 16.85%)
  • 4. Solid Snake - Second intro (45 votes, 16.85%)
  • 5. Usas - Juba ruins (30 votes, 11.24%)
  • Usas - Mohenjo Daro (17 votes, 6.37%)

As a result, it is the introdemo of Dragon Slayer 6 - The Legend of Heroes, created by Falcom that turned out to be the best MSX game song ever, followed closely by Konami's SCC+ tune used in the 'viral introdemo' of the best MSX2 game ever: SD-Snatcher.

We thought it was time to do a small, funny poll this time and thus ask you: "What do your friends think about your love for MSX?". Happy voting!

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By wolf_

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30-12-2003, 22:54

A true genuine winner!

By Grauw

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31-12-2003, 01:07

What do they think? I'm missing the 'they get crazy from my talking about it' option! ;p

Na, uh, they do 'understand', but to say they love it... nah, it's not their 'thing'...


By BiFi

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01-01-2004, 13:43

I'm missing the option: "What's MSX?"